Dulce Jewellery




D: Dedication: Dulce is dedicated to providing the most affordable & stunning Jewellery.  

U: Unique: the fun thing about natural gems is that no two pieces are the same. We can only hand match the most similar ones to be made into a piece of jewellery, which needs to be similar in color, luster, size and shape. The uniqueness makes each piece more valuable and at the same time more human, because each person is unique by nature, and she/he has an unique style of jewellery to bring out her/his charm.

L: Liveliness: an unique jewellery adds colors to a person.

C: Charisma: an attractive person comes with charisma, it does not necessarily mean power, it could be charm. Wearing the right jewellery increases your femininity, shows more about your personality.

E: Envy: Dulce aims to bring you all the envy eyes. A person with charisma and beauty, who doesn’t envy her/him?

Dulce is a Spanish word meaning sweet and pleasant. Since 2006, Dulce’s goal is to add a bit of sweetness to each person. A person who is sweet from inside out is surely a pleasant and beautiful person.