An introduction of Pearls

An introduction of Pearls

For centuries, jewellery has been the love of many beautiful women. Wearing a piece of jewellery has not only shown more of a woman’s character, but also added femininity to her. In addition to diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, pearl is also the main component of jewellery. Different from these four gems, which are originally a raw stone and have to be cut and polished into a piece of gem; pearl itself is born naturally in its shape, color and luster. This is the reason pearl is regarded the most organic and natural gem.


Pearl doesn’t shine like diamond, it has a more subtle character, it shines without blinding your eyes but making you wonder how it could shines so elegantly and you could actually feel a mirror reflection of yourself when looking into a nice quality of pearl.


While pearl is often related to elegance, it’s widely used in the western society, and it’s getting very popular in the eastern world too, for wedding occasions. Nothing is more elegant and classic for a bride to wear a set of pearl jewellery with her white wedding gown.




It is becoming more popular because of the affordability and variability. If you wish to go with budget, a set of freshwater pearl jewellery might fulfill your requirement. If you wish to go luxury, South sea or Akoya pearls could make you the center of all attention. Pearls are kept as family jewellery, to be passed generation to generation; they are also treasured as other gems and gold because a good quality pearl could last for centuries. Such as the legendary Elizabeth Taylor’s necklace La Peregrina, which was originally created in 15 century, and it’s sold in the record of almost 12 million US dollars in the year of 2011.



Because of the love and passion for pearls, Dulce has started creating different style of pearl jewellery for beautiful women since 2006. Originally 'Dulce' is a Spanish word meaning sweet and pleasant, it represents our goal: to add a bit of sweetness to each person. A person who is sweet from inside out is surely a pleasant and beautiful person 






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